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The Investigation Process

At Stones River Paranormal, our investigation process is designed to be seamless and hassle-free. Our team members are all trained and certified in Paranormal Investigation Management, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service. Our process consists of four straightforward steps that allow us to determine whether your location is experiencing paranormal activity or not.

Rest assured that our commitment to providing free paranormal investigations in our regional areas is unwavering, and our team members are dedicated volunteers who are genuinely interested in furthering their knowledge and helping others in their pursuit of understanding the unexplained.

Step One - Contact Us

The first step in initiating a paranormal investigation with Stones River Paranormal is for you to contact us via email, phone call, website chatbot, or contact form if you own or are responsible for a potentially haunted location. During the initial conversation, we will ask you a few questions and schedule a time for an initial visit to the location.

Please ensure that you have permission from the relevant parties, such as the building owners or residents of the location, before reaching out to us for an investigation. We do not conduct investigations without proper authorization.

Step Two - Initial Visit

As part of our paranormal investigation process, our second step involves sending one or two of our experienced team members for an initial visit to your location. This visit allows us to establish a personal connection with you, listen to any previous experiences you may have had with paranormal activity, and explain our investigation process in detail. Our team members will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that you are fully informed and comfortable with the investigation process.

During the face-to-face meeting, we will conduct a thorough tour of the potential investigation location, taking note of any areas of interest or concern. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with the layout, atmosphere, and specific features of the location that may be relevant to the investigation. Additionally, we will work with you to schedule a suitable date and time for the actual investigation to take place, taking into consideration your availability and preferences, as well as our team's schedule, to ensure a smooth and efficient investigation process.

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Step Three - The Investigation


The investigation phase of our paranormal process involves a thorough physical inspection of the property. Our full or regional branch team will visit the location equipped with specialized paranormal equipment to detect any potential paranormal activity and communicate with any entities that may be present. Typically, investigations take place at night or in the evening hours to minimize external noise contamination. However, we have occasionally conducted investigations during daytime hours, as long as we can ensure a noise-free environment.

The duration of the investigation can vary depending on the size and scope of the location, ranging from two hours to twelve hours. Our team will carefully examine every area of the property, utilizing advanced paranormal equipment and techniques to gather evidence and document any potential paranormal occurrences. Our primary goal during this phase is to thoroughly investigate and gather as much data as possible to determine the presence of any paranormal activity and provide our clients with a comprehensive report of our findings.

Step Four - The Reveal

The reveal is an eagerly anticipated phase of our investigation process. It usually takes place approximately two to four weeks after the investigation, as our team of paranormal investigators diligently reviews all of the audio and video recordings captured during the investigation to identify any potential evidence of paranormal activity.

During the reveal, one of our team members will meet you at your location to debrief you on the investigation, present any recorded evidence of paranormal activity that has been identified, and possibly award you with a "Certified Haunted Location" certificate as recognition. Additionally, you will be provided with a copy of all the evidence that has been found, allowing you to review and share the findings to those closest to you.

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Confidentiality Statement

We prioritize confidentiality and respect for our clients' wishes when it comes to sharing investigation results. Our team will work closely with you during the reveal process to discuss the findings and determine how you would like to proceed. If you choose to keep the results private, we will fully respect your decision and ensure that none of the findings are shared online or made public in any way without your explicit consent.

Please note that all evidence, stories, photos, videos, audio recordings, and names of business locations that you may come across on our website or social media have been shared with the public only after obtaining special prior permission from an authorized representative.  We take privacy and confidentiality seriously and ensure that any information shared publicly has gone through proper authorization channels.

Certified Haunted Locations

Locations that Stones River Paranormal has investigated and captured audio or visual evidence receive an official "Haunted Location" certificate.  These places display their certificate publicly and are happy to talk about their paranormal experiences!  

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