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Meet TheTeam

Team History & Leadership

Stones River Paranormal was formed in March 2012.  The Leadership Team consists of three of the original founders that started the team in 2012.  Since then the team has investigated over 200 locations in nine different states.  Many people refer to SRP as Tennessee's Best Paranormal Investigation Team.  Stones River Paranormal is an evidence based and Christian influenced team.  SRP believes in FREE INVESTIGATIONS.

Branch Locations

Stones River Paranormal has two branches that that cover their geographic location.  The original branch is in Murfreesboro, TN and the territory that they cover is blue on the map.  The second branch is located in Chattanooga, TN and covers the green territory of the map.  Stones River Paranormal does do investigations outside of that territory on a case by case basis.  

Branch Map.png

Our Team Members


Tammie Campbell

Founding Member, Lead Investigator

Tammie is the proud owner of a Wellness/Massage Center in Murfreesboro. She is an Empath which feels the emotions and physical pains of others, living and as well as spirits, as intensely or more than her own. She also has the gift to see and hear spirits. Tammie uses her gift to help guide the team in the collection of evidence which supports the various aspects of each investigation.  Tammie is also a member of the Rutherford County Historical Society.


Big John McKinney

Founding Member, Lead Investigator

As a founding member of Stones River Paranormal - Big John is dedicated to providing the very best experience for each client/investigation. He focuses on being able to document and record evidence which is collected during the investigation and then presenting it back to the client. The mix of using his faith in God combined with his fact based paranormal expertise provides a unique view into these kinds of special situations. John is also a member of the Rutherford County Historical Society.


Little John McKinney

Founding Member, Operations Partner

Little John is a graduate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with two bachelors degrees in General Management and Human Resource Management, and his Master's Degree in Business Administration.   Little John has served in many roles including a Tech Specialist, Investigator and the Chattanooga Lead Investigator however, Little John relocated to Houston, TX and now serves as an Operations Partner to help handle the organizational side of Stones River Paranormal.


Mark Bowman

Murfreesboro Branch, Investigator

Mark has been a paranormal investigator for eleven years. He had his first paranormal experience when he was nine years old, when he saw glowing red eyes outside his bedroom window one night.   Following this encounter he searched outside and found no evidence of footprints or that someone had been near by, additionally there was a large bush in front of the window which would have made it hard for anybody to be peeking through. Mark is now officially a member of the Stones River Paranormal team and he is excited to be apart of a great team.


Steve Hedges

Murfreesboro Branch, Investigator

Steve has spent his career as an automation engineer where he developed equipment for part detection on assembly lines.  Now he spends his time researching new technologies for paranormal investigation to detect paranormal activity by using radio frequency.  Steve is known by other SRP team members as a "Paranormal MacGyver" because he is the technology professional and creates custom equipment that only Stones River Paranormal has access to. 


Michael Tucker

Chattanooga Branch, Investigator

Coming Soon


Tracy Tucker

Chattanooga Branch, Investigator

Tracy lives and works in Chattanooga as a Payroll Specialist by day and a paranormal investigator by night.  She first became interested in the paranormal at a young age when she saw an apparition and heard unexplained noises with her sister.  Since then, Tracy had attended several Ghost Hunting 101 events and has officially join the team as an investigator for the Chattanooga Branch.  

In Loving Memory Of


Angel Bowman

Murfreesboro Branch, Investigator

Angel served as a key member of the Stones River Paranormal team as an investigator between the years of 2015 and 2021.  She is remembered as one of the bravest and fearless members of the team, one time during an investigation at an old jail she slept alone in a jail cell with a DVR camera on her just to see if anything would happen to her. 


She first became interested in paranormal research when she met her husband, Mark Bowman.  On one of her first investigations, she heard a child’s voice say hello and she has been hooked ever since.  She loves being able to document what she hears and feels with recorded evidence.

Angel worked at MTSU and loved helping young people.  Her family and friends started a scholarship so she will still be able to help young people from over the Rainbow!  If you feel lead to contribute please make out checks to Angel Bowman Rainbow Scholarship. You can send your donations to :

MTSU Foundation

Angel Bowman Rainbow Scholarship

P.O. Box 109

Murfreesboro, TN 37132

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