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The Investigation Process

Clients Contact Stones River Paranormal about location.

An investigator will conduct a preliminary investigation meeting.

A paranormal investigation will take place at your location.

A reveal will happen, and you will get a copy of the evidence. 

Tools of the Trade

Stones River Paranormal uses a wide variety of paranormal tools and equipement while investigating at locations.  We have equipement that almost all paranormal investigation teams use such as Digital Voice Recorders and KII Meters, we also have more specialized equipement such as the FLIR Thermal Camera and a custom built wireless DVR System.

  • Custom Wireless DVR System

  • Kinect Skeleton Tracking

  • Boo Buddy Bear

  • FLIR Thermal Camcorder

  • Inferred Camcorders

  • Digital Videocameras

  • 360 Parascope

  • Lazer Grids

  • Flashlight

  • Rem Pod

  • KII Meter

  • Ghost Box

  • Trigger Objects

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